These water brush pens are used for watercoloring your art, lettering, calligraphy or as act as water supply for color pencils. It is very convenient when you are travelling with your art supplies where tap water is not easily found.


There are 2 parts of the water brush, ie. the brush and the body. Firstly, fill the body with water and screw it to the brush. Then, squeeze the body for water to flow into the brush. Now, you are ready to color your art.


There are 3 types of water brushes available; eg. Short (11cm), Normal (14.5cm) and Blue (14cm) (see photo No. 2).

Each water brush type has small, medium and large brush diameter (see photo no. 3).


Options available:

Short 11cm : Small, Medium and Large

Normal 14.5cm : Small, Medium and Large

Blue 14cm : Small, Medium and Large


Brand : Sakura


If you have any questions, kindly message me.

Sakura Water Brush Pens (Choose Type and Size)

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