Pion Tickets Transfer Sticker (2 sheets) is perfect for decorating your planner, diary, journal, scrapbooking, letters to your penpal, decorating photo albums and many more. 

Qty : 2 sheets per pack

Size : 10x15cm per sheet


☞ How to use:
1. Cut out the pattern to be transferred.
2. Tear off the white backing paper.
3. Place the pattern at the position to be transferred and apply pressure using a stick or back of pen.
4. Remove the transparent sheet and the transfer is completed.

🔸 The pattern has a white background so you don't have to worry about color problems when transferring on colored paper.


Designed by Pion

Made in Taiwan.


If you have any questions, kindly message me.


Pion Tickets Transfer Sticker (2 sheets)