MU Watercolor Translucent Sticky Note Chap.17 Fairy King Oberon


Transparent sticky note. By using the material characteristics, the effect of watercolor rendering and hand-painting can be created when overlapping and pasting is repeated, and writing can be used to beautify the journal.

Like a dream-like rendering, colors make up their own romantic story...

The king of the prince, Oberon was angry because of the plight of Elf Parker. The beard was instantly discolored.


Product specifications
‧ Back card size: 85 x 145mm
‧ A pack of 2 patterns
‧ 10 sheets per pack x 2 patterns = Total 20 sticky notes

‧ Material: polypropylene film, glue

How to use
You can stick it where you want, stick it, or write it as a memo.


Video on how to use :


Designed by MU Craft

Made in Taiwan

If you have any questions, kindly message me.

MU Watercolor Translucent Sticky Note Chap.17 Fairy King Oberon

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