MU Watercolor Translucent Sticky Note Chap.09 Titania's Pink Purple Hair Flares


Transparent sticky note. By using the material characteristics, the effect of watercolor rendering and hand-painting can be created when overlapping and pasting is repeated, and writing can be used to beautify the journal.

Like a dream-like rendering, colors make up their own romantic story...

Cindy Titania's pink-purple hair was angry with her because of a quarrel with the king.


Product specifications
‧ Back card size: 85 x 145mm
‧ A pack of 3 patterns
‧ 10 sheets per pack x 3 patterns = Total 30 sticky notes

‧ Material: polypropylene film, glue

How to use
You can stick it where you want, stick it, or write it as a memo.


Video on how to use :


Designed by MU Craft

Made in Taiwan

If you have any questions, kindly message me.

MU Watercolor Translucent Sticky Note Chap.09 Titania's Pink Purple Hair Flares

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