MU Print-On stickers offers variety of designs which can be used on anything; ie. decorate your journal, your traveler's notebook, gift wrapping, card making, gift tag making, letters, table top, post cards, etc. These pressure activated stickers are printed with beautiful and amazing designs.


How to use :

1. Cut your desired design and remove the backing sheet.

2. Place the sticker on the spot to be transferred.

3. Rub the sticker with a tool (ice cream stick or back of pen)

4. Beautiful sticker has been printed on.


Watch video of MU Print On stickers.


They can be used on cardboard, paper, wood, coffee mug, glass, and other surfaces. Can be stacked to create various effects.


Quantity: 2 sheets/per set

Size: 15cm×10cm

Material: Paper, PVC, Adhesive

Designed by MU Lifestyle

Made in Taiwan


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MU Print-On Sticker - Date Houses 164

SKU: BPOP-001164