Dyeing Tracing Paper is a new journal decoration material, using the dyed watercolor as the background, which can play with Print-On Stickers or stamps, etc. With some imagination and Print-On Sticker, every color can support each other in the different styles such as flower fragrance, morning mist, and fresh Phytoncide. Everyone can create a style of his own.


Available in 6 NEW colors

7. Light Blue Morning 007

8. Spring Lilac Purple 008

9. Fruity Green Scent 009

10. Vanilla Blue Sky 010

11. Goldstone In The Lake 011

12. Reflection of Silver Lake 012


Content : 5 designs x 4 sheets = Total 20 sheets

Size : 55mm x 100mm


Made in Taiwan


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MU Lifestyle Dyeing Tracing Paper Pack New Colors