Design your own dated planner stickers together!
The MU team has always wanted to share with you that you can make a unique daily planner with Print-On Stickers.
The MU Print On stickers can be used with this daily planner sticker.


This is a plain paper sticker. All the patterns in the photo need to be purchased separately for Print-On Stickers and DIY. The background color of the sticker is beige, the actual color will be slightly different depending on the screen.


Method DIY
After writing the month, week or event, collage Print-On Stickers, and finally tear off the daily planner stickers directly.
You can paste it into a blank journal to decorate monthly page, marking for a special day in the monthly calendar, or a date for a celebration or gift... etc.

_Collage Tips_
★ Rub the print on sticker evenly to make it stick, the pattern will break more beautifully when the date sticker is removed.
★ Try to write first and then collage; if you need to collage before writing, it is recommended to use an oil-based pen (ex: ball pen).

✦ Style introduction✦
• Large numbers: number 1-18×3 sheets + number 19-31×3 sheets, a total of 6 sheets (three months)


• Small numbers : number 1-18×3 sheets + number 19-31×3 sheets, a total of 6 sheets (three months)


■ Product specifications
• Size: 2.8×2.1(H) cm for each small number sticker / 10×15.7 (H)cm for the whole sheet
• 6 sheets (three months)
• Material: paper
• Made In Taiwan


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MU Daily Planner Date Sticker (31 Days)