"Achievement" sticker that can be pasted and peeled off on the day when the goal is achieved.


The "achievement sticker" is a sticker that shows the progress of one month at a glance just by sticking it on the monthly block schedule every day. On the day you reach your goal, you can stick it like a reward sticker. In addition to monthly blocks, you can also use it for weekly pages and diaries.


"Ojisan pattern" is a notebook sticker for enjoying various sports with Ojisan. Put it on the day you watch sports or exercise to make your daily record fun.


It can be divided into upper and lower parts with perforations, so you can carry as much as you need. Since it is a re-peelable sticker, it is easy to reattach.


Qty : 1 sheet (82 pieces)

Sticker sheet : 180mm x 89mm

Material : PET film

Made in Japan



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Midori Planner Stickers - Sports Ojisan

SKU: 82542006