"Feeling" sticker that shows at a glance changes in physical condition and feelings for one month.


"Feeling sticker" is a sticker that you can list the biorhythm of one month just by sticking it on the monthly block schedule every day. In addition to monthly blocks, you can also use it for weekly pages and diaries.


For the "cat pattern", select and attach a sticker with an expression that suits your mood for the day. When the cat's facial expression becomes dark, you can take a rest because you are under stress, which can be useful for managing your physical condition. Since it is a removable sticker, you can reattach it even if you change your mood.


It can be divided into upper and lower parts with perforations, so you can carry as much as you need. Since it is a re-peelable sticker, it is easy to reattach.


Qty : 1 sheet (82 pieces)

Sticker sheet : 180mm x 89mm

Material : PET film

Made in Japan


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Midori Planner Stickers - Cat Feelings

SKU: 82541006