A free diary with a cat embroidery bookmark. It is a "1 year diary" with a paperback size that is easy to carry and a format of 1 page and 2 days.

Since the cover is soft, it is easy to turn the pages, and the cover and embroidery with cloth cloth give a warm impression.


Along with your own record (story), the cat in the bookmark will follow you and snuggle up to you.


For the embroidery of the motif, we are particular about the thickness of the thread and the shape of the silhouette so as to give a three-dimensional effect. 

Remove the bookmark from the film and attach it to the back of your diary.


The illustrations, which have four spreads and the scenery changes each time you turn the page, are designed to give you a feeling of positive progress and a feeling of traveling.

Handwritten ruled lines, casual and warm illustrations, and cream-colored eye-friendly paper allow you to relax and write your diary.

The paper used for the diary is "MD paper", which is hard to bleed and strike through and pursues good writing quality. Bookbinding is a "thread binding" that is easy to open and has a durable finish.


"1 year diary" in 1 page 2 day format. It's for 384 days, so it's okay if you have a lot of days to write.

Since it is a free diary where you write the date yourself, you can start the diary at any time you like.

The date is entered only at the top so that it can be used as a normal notebook, and the border line that divides it into two is the minimum accent.

The diary features smooth, fountain pen friendly “MD paper” which is less likely to bleed or show through, and has a good writing quality. The lines of the paper are slightly wavy, giving them a charming hand-drawn look.


Contents :  192 pages (4 patterns / 384 days)

Size: H156 × W105 × D11mm
Specification : Cover / cloth cloth pasted (foil stamping)

                               bookbinding / thread binding

                               embroidery with bookmark sticker

Material : MD Paper

About Bookmark :  It is a strong adhesive seal. It cannot be re-pasted. Please stick it carefully after deciding the position. Forcibly peeling it off may damage your diary. Avoid storing in direct sunlight or in hot and humid places.


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MIDORI Journal with Cat Embroidery Bookmark

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