A diary with a night sky design that makes you feel calm and can write a diary.

The cover, which makes you feel like you are entering the world of the story, is filled with various night skies. It is a "1 year diary" that spells out the days while looking at the shining stars in the night sky, and makes the time to look back on the day fun.


Full-color illustrations with four spreads are festively decorated with daily records.

The paper used for the diary is "MD paper", which is resistant to bleeding and strike-through and pursues good writing quality.


It is a "1 year diary" in the format of 1 page and 2 days. It's for 384 days, so it's okay if you have a lot of days to write.

Since it is a free diary where you write the date yourself, you can start the diary at any time you like.

The bookbinding uses "thread binding," which is characterized by its ease of opening and durable finish.


Content : 192 pages (4 patterns / 384 days worth)

Size : H180 × W130 × D14mm

Specification : Cover / paperbinding, string binding, bookmark string

Material : MD Paper


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MIDORI Journal Night Sky

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