This new collection consist of 3 individual memo pads Camera, Music Player and Pop-Ups. 


The memo pads material is carefully chosen, using the premium quality of Conqueror Bamboo papers imported from the UK, hand bound in Malaysia.

Each book consists of 20pcs x 3 colors with 100gsm paper.

Cover page is delicately embossed on 160gsm Bamboo paper together with a printed backing. They surely are a luxury piece to your stationery collection. 


Size : A8 (52mm x 74mm)

Content : 20pcs x 3 colors = Total 60 sheets

Material : premium quality Conqueror Bamboo papers 100gsm


These designs meet no boundaries where the limit of usage is really yours. They are carefully designed inspired by daily activities to adorn closely with everything you love! 

If you have any questions, kindly message me.

Jieyanow Atelier - not your usual [FRAMES] Memo Pad

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