The 'In The Wild II' collection is released in conjunction with our one year anniversary celebration. 

'In The Wild II' by Jieyanow Atelier consist of 3 pieces of stamps in a set. 

These stamps are crafted with love and mounted by hand where every piece has its own character and uniqueness. 
They are carefully designed to adorn closely with everything you love! 


Quantity : Set of 3
Size : 2.8cm x 7.0cm


Each stroke and fine details introduced went through a lot of thoughts gradually to shape its character. Every bit of it is curated with much love.
Our high quality solid wood holder is cut by hand, goes through layers of sanding, buffing and coating.


Products are equipped with a carefully designed transparent wrapper, then wrapped with a delicate piece of hand-sewn cloth, topped with a little product label.  We assure you will love using them. 

If you have any questions, kindly message me.

In The Wild II Rubber Stamps by Jieyanow Atelier