Create Collection Cloud Fluffie rubber stamps are designed by a local designer; Novebyvivient. 

Rubber Stamp Size:7x5x3cm (approximately)

Colour: Blue & White

Materials: Rubber and Concrete handle

Phrase on Rubber: Rain or Shine You Will Always be Mine


IMPORTANT!!! If you are a perfectionist, kindly read first before buying. Do note that the concrete handle is in no way perfect as sometimes air bubbles formed during the making process. As long as the handle does not affect the rubber stamping, the rubber stamp shall be deemed to be in good condition. Each one of the concrete handle is unique in its own in terms of colour and marbling effect, what you see in the photos are not what you will be getting)


If you have any questions, kindly message me.

Create Collection - Cloud Fluffie by Novebyvivient

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