Acrylic Blocks are used to mount or stick clear stamps for you to stamp on your card, planner, journals, gift tags and so on. Please see photos for the shapes and sizes.


Size : Scallop Square (Large) : 100mm x 100mm

          Grid Lined Scallop Square (Medium) : 75mm x 75mm

          Scallop Square (Small) : 50mm x 50mm

          Scallop Round (Large) : 100mm diameter

          Scallop Round (Small) : 50mm diameter

          Grid Line Rectangle (Large) : 160mm x 100mm


Simple instructions on how to use clear stamp on acrylic block:-

1. Peel off the clear stamp image from the plastic sheet.

2. Place the clear stamp on the acrylic block. It will naturally stick on it, no need glue.

3. Hold the acrylic block and tamp some ink from the stamp pad.

4. Stamp it on your paper, card, journal or planner. Since it's a clear block, you can actually see where you want to stamp.


Here's a Youtube video for a clearer tutorial on how to use the clear stamp on acrylic block


If you have any questions, kindly message or email me.



Acrylic Block for Clear Stamps

PriceFrom RM5.60